Rias Home Insurance Contact Number: 0800 561 0711

Call Rias home instance on their freephone new quotes telephone number 0800 561 0711 to contact a broker about the cost of a policy, whether you are looking for comprehensive cover or just contents protection.


About Rias Home Insurance

Rias is a insurance broker that provides high quality yet affordable insurance policies for both homeowners and tenants, meaning that is has a variety of tariff deals that include buildings and content cover along with packages designed specifically for landlords. The Rias Home Insurance customer service team is based in Bournemouth but are able to assist policyholders throughout the United Kingdom.


Freephone Home Insurance Quotes – 0800 561 0711

Contact Rias Home Insurance on their new quotes phone number 0800 561 0711 if you would like to calculate the cost of a building and contents cover policy. However, the total cost of your insurance policy will be estimated on factors such as the age of your property, and whether you live in a detached or terraced home. You should also use this number to take out an insurance agreement prior to moving to a new address so that your valuables will be protected as soon as you arrive. Moreover, current policyholders should get in touch to report a change of address if they would like to keep on their Rias arrangement in a new property but their overall premium may be liable to change depending on factors regarding the second address. Alternatively, if you would like to leave your agreement then you should enquire how much your cancellation fee will be as the amount depends on the remaining duration of your contract.

Callers can use this number to enquire about the best insurance package for your budget as comprehensive cover will be more expensive than just contents protection. For instance, the company offers packages that include cover against accidental damage and contents insurance for up to the value of £50,000 along with deals specifically for the over 65s. You may wish also to stipulate to Rias that you would like laptop insurance and mobile phone cover as part of your tariff. Moreover, it is advised that you use this number to enquire about the monthly cost of your household protection so that you can set up a direct debit and avoid the expense of an annual insurance bill.


Claims Department – 0345 122 3281

You can also contact Rias Home Insurance on the telephone number of their claims department 0345 122 3281 to apply for compensation following enquiries accidental damage to your property or a case of theft. Rias offers payouts of up to £1 million for buildings insurance depending on your existing policy agreement. If Rias has approved your claim request then you may wish to contact a customer service representative for updates regarding when you will be paid. However, if you would like to register a complaint following a late compensation payment then you should do so by writing to their customer feedback email address: customersatisfaction@rias.co.uk.


Cost of Calling the Company

The Rias new quotes helpline operates a 0800 freephone number meaning that all calls will be free of charge from both landlines and mobiles but as their claims department uses a local rate area code, then you will have to pay the standard UK per-minute fee for doing so. The Rias home insurance call centre is available to be contacted 6 days a week as it operates during the opening hours of 8.30am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am-4pm on Saturdays.


Rias Home Insurance Telephone Numbers

Rias Home Insurance Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Quotes Helpline 0800 561 0711 8.30am-8pm Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4pm Saturdays
Policy Amendments 0345 234 0117 8.30am-8pm Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4pm Saturdays
Home Insurance Claims 0345 122 3281 8.30am-8pm Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4pm Saturdays


Get a Quote Online

If you are unable to contact a home insurance broker over the phone then you can receive an estimate for the cost of your home insurance when using the Online Quote Calculator tool found on the UK Rias website.