RAC Contact Number: 0800 82 82 82

It’s very easy to get RAC to assist you when your car breaks down in the middle of the road; just dial their emergency assistance hotlines 0333 2000 999 (mobile-friendly) or 0800 82 82 82 (freephone) if you’re a member, else call their freephone contact number 0800 197 7815 if you’re not yet an RAC customer.

The RAC used to be known as the Royal Automobile Club. The club was formed so that their members can get roadside assistance whenever they needed the help. Aside from emergency assistance, other servicing and vehicle maintenance services were also available. The original functions of the association still hold true today, only this time, added services such as their online travel and traffic route planning systems have been added.

Another very useful service that you can get if you’re an RAC member is the complete car check when you’re buying a car. If you’re buying a car, then you can contact RAC’s services to check if the car is still in good condition, stolen or otherwise illegally acquired.

It’s good to know that nowadays, RAC is quite generous with their service and now extends a helping hand to non-members when it comes to emergency breakdown situations. This is a good business strategy on their part as non-members who are successfully helped by RAC are most likely to become members themselves.

If you’re a non-member, phone RAC on 0800 197 7815, but if you’re already an RAC member, call either of these emergency roadside breakdown assistance contact numbers: 0800 82 82 82 (free to call from UK mobiles and landlines) or 0333 2000 999 (mobile-friendly, local-rate number).

Write to RAC

If you would prefer to send your enquiry or customer support query to the RAC via post then please write to them using their official postal address:
RAC Motoring Services,
RAC House,
Brockhurst Crescent,
WS5 4AW,
United Kingdom.