DLA Contact Number: 0345 605 6055

If you would like to contact the Disability Benefits Centre for enquiries about your DLA, then call them on their enquiries helpline 0345 605 6055 or phone their alternative number 0345 712 3456.

The DLA, or the Disability Living Allowance, is a benefit provided by the UK government for disabled UK residents. This is a welfare benefit that assists people with disabilities to better care for themselves. Newer claimants are no longer eligible for the DLA because it has since been replaced by the PIP, or the Personal Independence Payment.

Telephone Numbers for DLA

If you experience any change in your circumstance that may change the level of assistance you require or the amount of benefit you’ll receive, then call them on the following telephone numbers:

For those who are receiving the DLA, you have two main phone lines that you can contact for enquiries.

If you were born before April 8 1948, then you need to call 0345 605 6055 and if you’re using a textphone or minicom device then dial 0345 604 5312.

If you were born after April 8 1948, then phone 0345 712 3456 for your enquiries. If you wish to contact them on using a textphone or minicom service then dial 0345 722 4433.

Alternatively if you are already registered on the PIP benefits system you can call the Disability Benefits Centre enquiries phone helpline 0345 850 3322. You can also contact them on the textphone on 0345 601 6677 if you are hard of hearing or if you have a speech impediment.

Don’t Miss: Employment & Support Allowance

In almost every case where someone is eligible for Disability Living Allowance payments they are also eligible for Employment & Support Allowance. The reason for this is when someone is claiming standard Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and gets a medical sick note to justify switching to the less demanding Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) it is potentially easier to claim DLA as well as both of these benefits recognise that the claimant has some form of disability that affects their ability to work independently. The only case when DLA would be easier to claim than ESA is if you have a job, because DLA can still be claimed while you’re working full-time as it’s not a means-tested benefit like JSA & ESA are.

For more information about Employment & Support Allowance, including what it is and how to claim it as well as who to contact for support, visit the Number Expert website’s ESA contact page.